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Hi, I'm Dia!

Food lover, creator and innovator, high school culinary teacher, a wife, and mother to the cutest boy. 

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved helping in the kitchen when I could; I would constantly experiment in the kitchen creating things with my easy bake oven until I was old enough to use the real oven on my own. I self-taught myself how to create advanced foods all the way to college. I loved the beginning foods class at BYU so much that I became a TA for the other foods classes for years and changed my major to Family and Consumer Sciences Education so I could teach culinary classes at high school level.

When the world shut down in 2020, just like many others, my world changed 180. I was teaching culinary classes online instead of in person, which meant I needed to find ways to create interesting videos about food, cooking methods, food science, etc. I got married to the love of my life and best friend after dating for 2 years. And at that same time, I found out that I was severely anemic due to being severely gluten intolerant. I had to stop eating gluten cold turkey because I was not absorbing any nutrients and would have been hospitalized if my diet didn’t change within months. It was hard to make that change; I felt like I couldn’t find any baked goods and other savory foods that tasted just as good as gluten-full foods. I took it upon myself to learn all about cooking and baking with my new gluten free life and create foods that actually tasted good. Thus came my newest passion, Dia’s Delights!

Dia’s Delights is my way of combining what I know and love into one! I get to teach different culinary tips (as Tips of the Dia) that I would teach my high school students, and share those quick tips with the world. I also get to create yummy gluten free foods in my kitchen with the help of my husband being my official taste tester and having friends and family to support me since day one!

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